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Double Dip League

Beginning January 5th on Wednesday nights at 6 pm.  We will hold 2 tournaments at the same time.  One will always be NL Hold’em.  The other will be one of the other games that is part of HORSE.  It will not be a mixed game but will stay that game for the entire tournament.  So, for example Week 3 will be Hold’em on Table 1 and Razz on table 2.  You can play in one or both, your choice.   There will be an entry fee of $20 if paid within the first month of 2022.  After that entry to the Double Dip League will be $25.  The entry fee will be added to the DOUBLE-DIP pot waiting for you to win!  The pot will increase progressively with $2 from each $20 tournament buy-in going to the Double-Dip pot.  Here is how you can Double-Dip.

If you can win both tournaments in any given week you will not only win the 1st place cash prize for each tournament, you will earn your first Double-Dip and be awarded 50% of the Double-Dip pot.  Nice!  Play will continue until a player can get a second “Double-Dip” in which case they will win 100% of the remaining Double-Dip pot!  Woohoo!  Once the pot has been Double-Dipped twice by a player the league is done.  It may take 4 weeks or 40.  Not sure, that is part of the fun.  It can happen anytime.

We will be running practice sessions on Wednesday nights at 6 until Jan.  Feel free to try it out.  It is best done on a pc or tablet or another device where you can play 2 screens at the same time.  It can also be done on the phone, but it may take some getting used to.

The practice is still for money, but no entry fee or money will be taken out for the double-dip pot.


IMPORTANT:  CHOPS ARE NOT ALLOWED.  YOU MUST PLAY EACH GAME UNTIL CONCLUSION.  If there is any evidence of collusion/chopping so that someone can scoop, all payouts will be voided and those involved will be removed from the Double-Dip eligibility.

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